2017 Virginia International Tattoo – Irish Dance Number Choreographed & Starring Joe:


TV Footage of “Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games” in Mexico (featuring Joe at 0:26):


“Rhythm Repetitions”  Studio Session from February 2016


“Beats on Tour” featuring Lord of the Dance cast members Joe Duffey, Jan Gaca & Simona Mauriello:


Performance with Lord of the Dance at MOVE IT! Festival London


Performing on the Graham Norton Show with Lord of the Dance and an interview with Michael Flatley:


“Taps” from Celtic Fyre at Busch Gardens (Final 2014 Performance):


Joe Duffey in “Intro” by The xx:


Performance in “The Toast” from Celtic Fyre at Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Performance in “The Parting Glass” from Celtic Fyre at Busch Gardens Williamsburg:


“Storms” Solo from Slainte presented by the Teelin Irish Dance Company, February 2014:


“Fragments” Solo at the Maryland Irish Festival – Main Stage, November 2013:


Slow Motion Film Project – Joe’s Footwork Filmed at 300 Frames Per Second:


Joe Duffey’s Choreography – “Smoke & Mirrors” from StepDance 2012:


Joe Duffey’s Rhythm Fusion: